Paul Hackett – Director

Paul HackettBorn in England and raised in Canada, Paul Hackett studied literature and film studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. In 1998 he directed the student film The Gary Busey Story. After graduating with honours in 1998, he moved to China and began writing and travelling extensively throughout Asia. In 1999 he visited China’s remote northwest region and worked on the documentary film Xinjiang is Good . In 2003 he directed Not Much, his first feature film.

Director Filmography:

1998 THE GARY BUSEY STORY (student film)
1999 XINJIANG IS GOOD (documentary crew)

Rick Curnutt – Cinematographer, Editor

Rick Curnutt Rick Curnutt joined Trench Independent Film Group Beijing in 1999, and has worked as both a cinematographer and editor in China over the past five years.  He participated in director Ju An Qi’s two experimental documentaries: There’s A Strong Wind in Beijing (post-production assistant) and Quilts (editor).  He has also directed, shot, and edited three digital films: Pop! (1999), Xinjiang is Good (2002), and Choose One (2004).  In 2003 he joined director Paul Hackett as cinematographer and editor for Not Much.

J.P. Zhang – Composer

J.P. ZhangJ.P. Zhang has been involved in the Beijing underground music scene since the early nineties.  In 1994 he started the rock band “Mo He” and continued to perform with the band until their break-up in 1997.  In 1998 he began a solo career and played in clubs around Beijing. In 2002 he opened a recording studio outside the city.  In 2003 he started a new band called “Magic Box” and presently performs and records in Beijing.  In Not Much he not only appears on stage performing, but is also credited with sound editing and composing the original music for the film.