Summary / Movie Synopsis

Xiao Mei

The Story

An up and coming Beijing businessman begins a fated love affair with a singer working in his jealous business partner’s club.

Plot Summary

Zhang, an up and coming Beijing businessman, discovers that his traditional values don’t match his position in modern society. When he starts redefining his life, an ever-widening rift opens between the people closest to him. Believing that changing the people around him will lead to happiness, he cuts himself off from his wife and business partner. After meeting Xiao Mei, a singer working in his partner’s nightclub, Zhang begins a love affair that fills the recently created void. His wife, who barely speaks to him anymore, is afraid of what will happen if he leaves her for good. She seeks help from Zhang’s former business partner who also has another line of work – running a prostitution ring. He is secretly jealous of Zhang’s success and resents him for keeping his hands clean by breaking off business ties. Seeing that Zhang is really in love with Xiao Mei, he orchestrates an ominous plan that will ruin her life and hit back at Zhang’s self-righteousness. When Zhang sees Xiao Mei degraded and in trouble he abandons her when she needs him most. Once he realizes his mistake it may already be too late.

Quick Facts

Original Title: Mei Shen Me
English Title: Not Much
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English

Genre: Drama
Total Running Time: 58:00 minutes
Year: 2004

Director: Paul Hackett
Producer: Kyla Morris
Cinematography: Rick Curnutt
Composer: J.P. Zhang
Editor: Rick Curnutt

Original Format: DV
Screening Format: DVCAM, Mini-DV, DVD